Create a "New Thread" named: Application [your playername on the server]. Copy/Paste the application layout and fill in.

Application Layout:

- You apply for GoC (18+yo) or YGoC (-18yo)?:
- Age:
- Internet presence / Activity:
- Contact possibility(ies):
- Area ( Homepage, Boards, Server, Miscellaneous... ):
- Why this Area:
- Experience / Skills:
- Reference (if available): Forexample: ("Playername") suggested to join GoC.
- Why GoC - Generation of Chaos:
- Actual XP amount on the server (Min 50 000XP):
- Where youre from?:
- Are you able to pay at least 3 Euro/month for server dues?
- Miscellaneous:
- Why do we need to accept you in the clan?