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GoC posted Jun 15, 18  -  Enemy TerritorygocWiki


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GoC posted Jun 13, 18  -  downloadsgoc


As you may have already seen. GoC is now part of the Enjin Community: Powering over 250,000 gaming communities with millions of gamers across all games and platforms. This means that you can use your created profile over the entire Enjin Network including the Official Enjin App where you have i.a. quick acces to the GoC Forums, view wall feeds, send and receive private messages, acces to your personal mailbox, manage friends and pending requests, and get device notifications from wall posts, forums & apps. 

Custom GoC ETMain Menu 1.0

GoC posted Jun 10, 18  -  downloadsgocmenuserver


A Custom GoC Menu to connect to the server and website.

GoC Main Menu 1.0