Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the most popular downloadable free-to-play first person shooter ever made is a multiplayer game set during World War II in which players wage war as Axis or Allies in team-based combat. It's a team game; you will win or fall along with your comrades. The only way to complete the objectives that lead to victory is by cooperation, with each player covering their teammates and using their class special abilities in concert with the others.

It was originally planned to be released as a commercial expansion pack to Return to Castle Wolfenstein and later as a standalone game. However, due to problems with the single-player aspect, the multiplayer portion was released on 29 May 2003 as a freeware standalone game. In January 2004, the source code for the game logic (not the game engine) was released to the benefit of its modding community.

The game uses a modified Return to Castle Wolfenstein engine, itself being a heavily modified id Tech 3 engine, which has been open source since 2005. As of the first day of the August 2010 QuakeCon, the entire source code was released under the GNU General Public License v3 (id Software LLC, c/o ZeniMax Media Inc., Suite 120, Rockville, Maryland 20850 USA).


There are six officially released maps that are partially based on real locations or events (North African Campaign: Gold Rush, Siwa Oasis, and Atlantic Seawall Battery; Europe Campaign: Rail Gun, Würzburg Radar, and Fuel Dump), as well as hundreds of custom maps made by the gaming community. On most maps, the offense needs to complete a certain set of objectives within a limited amount of time. The defense needs to keep the offense from completing objectives until time runs out. Some objectives may be optional, and some objectives can be carried out by either team. These minor objectives assist the team completing them. Depending on game mode the action will continue on another map (Campaign Mode) or the same map (Objective Mode, Stopwatch Mode, Last Man Standing).

Players may earn experience points in several skill categories. All character classes may earn points in Battle Sense and Light Weapons. Class skills are generally restricted to the current class, the exception being Heavy Weapons (the Soldier class skill). Players have certain abilities based on their character class. The player has a Power Bar that provides "power" for their special abilities. The power bar regenerates slowly. Constructing the Command post speeds up the recharge rate though. Players have up to eight weapon slots, depending on character class. The classes that are available are engineer, soldier, field ops, medic, and covert ops.

Through gameplay, experience can be gained for three categories: Battle Sense, Light Weapons, and a skill determined by the player's current chosen class. Certain class benefits remain with the player even if they change classes, and benefits from the two general skills are available to the player throughout, regardless of class change. Once a player has accrued enough experience points in a particular skill, the skill is automatically advanced to the next level, providing the player with a new ability or advantage. There are four attainable levels in each skill, awarded at 20, 50, 90 and 140 experience points; some mods add new levels.

Depending on the server's settings, a player's experience (XP) can be deleted at the end of a campaign, when he/she disconnects, or after a set period of time. Experience can also be saved even upon disconnection. In competitions and select public servers, rankings are disabled, meaning that XP gives no advantage. The meaning of this is to make games faster; as defenders usually get a lot more XP, they would become stronger during the match, making the end game very difficult for the offensive team.

Download and Install Full Game (ET:Legacy)

Enemy Territory: Legacy, an open source project that aims to create a fully compatible client and server for the popular online FPS game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - whose gameplay is still considered unmatched by many, despite its great age. Visit the official ET:Legacy website to Download the game.

Download and Install Full Game (2.60b)

Visit the official Splash Damage website to Download the game.

Generate ETKEY

PunkBuster is a computer program that is designed to detect software used for cheating in online games. Evenbalance, developer of Punkbuster dropped support for some games like W:ET. Since then, some issues occured to the world of Enemy Territory: No new ETKEYs are generated / validated, no global Punkbuster bans are made and no Experience points (XP) are saved.


Move the etkey-file in the etmain folder in the directory where you installed Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. By default for windows: C:Program Files (x86)Wolfenstein - Enemy Territoryetmain .

More information can be found in the video above or on the pages below:

Start the game and open the console by pressing ² or ~  on your keyboard and type: /cl_guid to see your personal Guid (ETkey). When you have no guid / unknown guid: Type /pb_cl_enable and repeat the first step.

Methods to connect to a server:

  • Click on "Play Online" in the main menu to load the masterlist with all servers.

  • Open the console by pressing ² or ~  on your keyboard and type: /connect *IP:port*.
    Example: "/Connect" to connect to [GoC] Generation of Chaos.
    If you don't know the IP, Find the IP of a server on Splatterladder or Trackbase .

  • Create / Edit Shortcut from ET.exe with target:
    "C:Program Files (x86)Wolfenstein - Enemy Territoryet.exe" connect

    (watch out the path to your Wolfenstein ET is correct)  

  • If you use ET-Legacy. You can connect to a server via Trackbase or this website by clicking on a button like this: