Map-voting on GoC

  • After each map, all players can vote on a map they want to play next.

  • If two or more maps have achieved an equal number of votes, the map that has not been played for the longest time will be loaded.

  • When nobody voted for a map, the last played map will restart.
  • Map-votes and the amount each map was played is stored on the server.

  • Based on these statistics, 10 maps will be replaced with 10 new maps at the start of the next month.

  • These new maps are 10 random picks from the "Suggest your maps here"-Forum.

Where to find custom Enemy Territory Maps?

A few rules to keep in mind before you suggest a map

  • Try to post maps that we can add to the server, not maps that we have to delete.

  • The maps that have the least votes, and the least were played will be replaced the next month.

  • A suggested map can be rejected by a Staff-Member for reason X.

  • You can suggest a map any times you want, but don't spam the post every day proposing same map, because probably you will get the map out of rotation and / or blocked from posting on this topic.

  • Spam posts, comments on other players suggestions ('those maps are sh*t, remove that one, don't add that other one...") will not be tollerated here and will be removed without warning.

  • Add a map-downloadlink for each map suggestion.